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Updated: 44 weeks 2 days ago

Meta loses millions as made to sell Giphy to Shutterstock

Tue, 05/23/2023 - 11:49
Social-media giant Meta was ordered to sell Giphy by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority.

AI scanner used in hundreds of US schools misses knives

Tue, 05/23/2023 - 04:21
After a school stabbing, a BBC investigation into Evolv’s AI weapons scanner reveals doubts about its effectiveness.

WhatsApp to allow users to edit messages within 15 minutes

Mon, 05/22/2023 - 23:31
The instant-messaging service, which is used by 2 billion people, counts India as its largest market.

TikTok sues Montana to overturn first US state ban

Mon, 05/22/2023 - 20:46
The western state last week became the first in the US to ban the hugely-popular video platform.

Why car parks are the hottest space in solar power

Mon, 05/22/2023 - 20:06
Car parks are a good place for solar panels, providing shade and electricity where it is needed.

Neeva: Ad-free search engine shuts down

Mon, 05/22/2023 - 12:38
Founded by a former Google exec, Neeva asked people to pay for the service rather than be shown ads.

China bans major chip maker Micron from key infrastructure projects

Mon, 05/22/2023 - 09:42
It is China's first major move against a US chip maker, as tensions increase between Beijing and Washington.

Meta: Facebook owner fined €1.2bn for mishandling data

Mon, 05/22/2023 - 09:02
The dispute is over Facebook's transfer of European data to US servers.

Roblox: Ten-year-old spent £2,500 of mum's money without her knowing

Mon, 05/22/2023 - 02:08
Tesco Bank initially refused to refund the mum but changed its mind after a BBC show got involved.

Montana TikTok creators shrug off state's ban on app

Thu, 05/18/2023 - 20:35
Montana is first US state to ban the app, but influencers there don't seem too concerned.

How the power of protein is being uncovered

Thu, 05/18/2023 - 19:16
Artificial intelligence has transformed research into proteins and promises new drugs and materials.

Cash App founder Bob Lee murder suspect pleads not guilty

Thu, 05/18/2023 - 19:12
Nima Momeni, 38, is suspected of stabbing Bob Lee in San Francisco, California, on 4 April.

Woodward and Bernstein: Watergate reporters warn of the limitations of AI

Thu, 05/18/2023 - 00:21
Journalists Woodward and Bernstein tell the BBC the press is essential in finding the truth.

TikTok: Montana to become first US state to ban app on personal devices

Wed, 05/17/2023 - 22:40
The Chinese-owned platform said the ban "infringes on the First Amendment rights of the people of Montana".

Legend of Zelda game sells 10 million copies in three days

Wed, 05/17/2023 - 14:40
Tears of the Kingdom becomes the fastest-selling game in the Legend of Zelda franchise.

Cardiff Beyoncé concert: Face recognition use criticised

Wed, 05/17/2023 - 13:28
The police are using the technology on the city's streets, a move that has divided opinion.

Elon Musk: I will say what I want even if it costs me

Wed, 05/17/2023 - 12:20
Twitter's owner has been criticised for spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories online.

Ex-Apple engineer accused of stealing self-driving car secrets

Tue, 05/16/2023 - 21:06
The 35-year-old suspect allegedly downloaded large amounts of data before fleeing to China.

How computer games encourage kids to spend cash

Mon, 05/15/2023 - 20:09
Many parents are frustrated with games that encourage children to spend money to advance.

Which European nations are winning the heat pump race?

Thu, 05/11/2023 - 20:04
Nordic countries are way ahead when it comes to installing energy efficient heat pump systems.