Business Services

Our consultants specialize in productivity enhancement. Areas of expertise include organizational development, strategic planning, leadership development, and team-building. Self Innovations, Inc. is committed to developing organizational strategies based on the specific needs and expectations of our customers, and to working with our customers in every aspect of project implementation to ensure that strategies are effectively designed and successfully executed.

An example of specific solutions delivered by our consultants are listed below:

  • Facilitation of strategic planning initiatives for local and statewide governmental and not-for-profit organizations
  • Grant writing for not-for-profit agencies
  • Process and outcome evaluations of social and health service programs, including drug courts, juvenile justice treatment programs, special education programs, and victim services programs
  • Implementation of project monitoring and evaluation processes using performance data
  • Facilitation and training on Logic Model development
  • Development and implementation of web-based treatment planning and service delivery tracking system
  • Development and implementation of web-based performance management and reporting systems
  • Survey design, administration, and data analysis related to organizational climate and health and customer satisfaction
  • Facilitation of community planning projects, including health care service delivery plans, school readiness plans, and juvenile justice plans
  • Development of training curriculum for not-for-profits, public health organizations, and state agencies for continuing education requirements
  • Community health planning
  • Community consensus building
  • Program/project planning, management and evaluation
  • Facilitation of board development activities
  • Analysis of workload research, capacity and demand
  • Cost studies for social service agencies

Self Innovations, Inc. can facilitate the design and implementation of business solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Through expert communication, technical assistance, and support, Self Innovations, Inc. builds on your organization's strengths to help enhance your organization's commitment to quality improvement