Technical Services

Self Innovations, Inc. has the experience to provide IT solutions to any size company, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. We specialize in developing custom applications suited to meet the specific needs of each client. Many factors help determine which solution best suit our clients, including the company's skill sets, existing infrastructure, budget, and corporate philosophy.

Self Innovations, Inc. specializes in internet, intranet, and extranet applications. If your company needs help in delivering an application for internal use, external customers, or business partners, we can help. Our seasoned consultants are experienced in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design, providing solutions that are robust, reliable, secure, scalable, and reusable. Our applications can be used by a few employees or thousands of users. Since we are committed to providing tailored solutions to fit each client, the choice of technologies varies.

For many companies, the Microsoft platform is the best solution. Our experience utilizing the .NET platform can provide applications rich in features yet simple and intuitive for end users. The prevalence of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office has made the .NET framework a natural choice for many companies looking for custom desktop or web-based applications.

For other companies the JAVA platform is a natural fit to meet their demanding requirements. Our consultants have vast experience in utilizing the JAVA/J2EE platform in building custom web-based applications. Whether you are looking for a customer-facing portal, a sales management dashboard, or role-based intranet the JAVA/J2EE platform can be well suited for the project.

Further, our consultants have the experience utilizing other modern technologies such JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Web Services, and AJAX, just to name a few.

An example of some custom solutions delivered by our consultants are listed below:

  • Medical research application to track and report patient information on clinical trials
  • Pharmaceutical application to track and report controlled substances
  • Generic language document generator for law firms
  • Credit card transaction processing server for a distribution company
  • Self service booking engine for an entertainment company
  • 401K plan management application
  • Intranet portal providing role based applications (portlets) for the IT industry
  • Learning Management System to provide online training to governmental departments
  • State grant application and reporting system
  • Survey development and administration application

Every business has different technical needs and therefore one solution does not fit all. Our consultants are ready to discuss options that will meet the specific needs of your company. Contact us to discuss how Self Innovations, Inc. can design and deliver a technical solution for your company.