Self Innovations is now offering a learning management system.

Self Innovations, Inc. is now offering an online learning management system for all your learning needs. Optionally, it comes loaded with over 120 hours of training.

Self Innovations has created an easy-to-use learning management system. If you are looking for a simple way to provide learning material to your employees and test their comprehension, ask about our learning management system.

Learning Management System Benefits

  • Flexible, simple, customized LMS for Healthy Start Coalitions
  • Aligns learning to strategic goals and competencies
  • Manages and disseminates information
  • Increases the exchange of knowledge
  • Improves training efficiency
  • Assesses knowledge retention
  • Identifies skills and deficiencies
  • Reduces staff time
  • Decreases travel costs

Learning Management System Features

  • Web-based (no software, no hardware, no IT needed)
  • Multiple user roles
  • Expandable to include other information and training requirements
  • Supports flexible, multimedia formats for content
  • Uses standard web technologies
  • Security – username/password login
  • Intuitive drop-down menu selections
  • Advanced reporting and tracking
  • Training certificates
  • Extensive help menu and user documentation
  • Stocked with over 120 hours of content

Learning Management System Capabilities

  • Create and manage learning content
  • Create and manage posttests
  • View/download curriculum modules
  • Take and score posttests
  • Issue and print training certificates
  • Maintain records of training by user, program and agency for real time reporting
  • Create and manage registered users

If would like to know more about our learning management system contact us to find out more.